Why you should switch to Linux?

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I would like to ask the following questions to you

  • Are you tired of viruses and keeping the computer clean is a challenge for you?
  • Are you the victim of a virus and your files got corrupted?
  • Do you need a stable and secure operating system?
  • Are you concerned about privacy and your personal data?
  • Want to try something new to learn and bored with your computer?
  • Are you a student and want to explore the work of software development etc.
  • Do you want to become a software developer, or ethical hacker, or machine learning expert?
  • Do you want to control every aspect of the operating system?
  • Do you want to learn to code from an open-source environment and contribute to great projects?

If you answer the above questions and most of the answers are yes, then I think definitely need to try the Linux operating system and need to understand the entire open-source software model how it works.

Most of the advanced fields like AI, ML, Cloud, IoT, Big Data software are open source and fully supported only on Linux operating system

I would give specific reasons why you might want to consider Linux

You are Student

  • Linux is considered as developers Operating System
  • You have a lot to learn in Linux OS than others, you can customize lots of things and even change also
  • Most of the software tools are open source like Python, Php, Java, Ruby, etc
  • You can read the great code and contribute to existing software
  • Technologies like AI, ML, Cloud, IoT, Big Data are already open source, many companies need students who can code great and already contributed to open source projects


  • To learn from and to contribute to open source
  • To teach with freedom
  • You don't have to purchase software


We have examples like Raghu Kamat professional artist who has completely shifted to open source tools for image and artists work raghukamath.com


You can save lots of money using open source software, people have already made efforts to list all such software that can be used by startups like this page

10 reasons for entrepreneurs to love open-source software

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