Why you must master command line in Linux

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If you are a beginner in Linux and wondering is there a need to learn commands then I have a question for you.

Do you want to consume full power of the Linux OS then you must consider.

Following are the points why you must consider learning commands in Linux

  • Knowing commands you have better control over the computer than just knowing the GUI which is always limited

  • Command line is a more direct interface with the Linux system

  • Faster than GUI mode, in most of the cases like listing specific files will be faster in command line than in a graphical way

  • You can automate repeated tasks, for example, converting image files to specific sizes or deleting temporary files from the computer, etc.

Ruslan Osipov in his blog post [ Power of Command Line]

(rosipov.com/blog/power-of-the-command-line) gives very nice examples as Following

To make Backup file steps you will perform

Right click file.
Left click onCopy”.
Right click on some empty space.
Left click on “Paste”.
Right click on a newly created copy.
Left click onRename”.
Switch to a keyboard.
Type file.bak.

Whereas in bash shell using the command line

cp file{,.bak}

He has also given the comparison table as follows

Ability to combine/chain toolsYesNo
Easy to learnNoYes
Efficient for a novice userNoYes
Efficient for an experienced userYesNo
Good for occasional useNoYes
Good for repetitive tasksYesNo
Presents visual information wellNoYes

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