Why to learn commands in Linux

In this post we discuss why you must learn command line in Linux

Following are the points why you must consider learning commands in Linux

Ruslan Osipov in his blog post Power of Command Line gives very nice examples as Following

To make Back file steps

Right click file.
Left click on “Copy”.
Right click on some empty space.
Left click on “Paste”.
Right click on a newly created copy.
Left click on “Rename”.
Switch to a keyboard.
Type file.bak.

Where as in bash shell using command line

cp file{,.bak}

He has also given the the comparision table as follows

Factor CLI GUI
Ability to combine/chain tools Yes No
Easy to learn No Yes
Efficient for a novice user No Yes
Efficient for an experienced user Yes No
Good for occasional use No Yes
Good for repetitive tasks Yes No
Presents visual information well No Yes