Understanding Linux distributions

In this post we will discuss what is Linux Distributions

Linux is an Operating system which can be installed on any computer but it doesn’t have applications, user interfaces etc which is required to use the computer.

Linux is just a kernel program which takes care of the computer hardware, file system, memory management, al these are called as system functions.

In order to use the system, we need lot many other things as mentioned above.

So what is Linux Distributions then,

It is a Complete Operating System made from the Linux Kernel which has Graphical User Interface, and software package management which allows you to install software, and some default software applications like Libre Office, Browsers, Multi-Media players etc.

In order to use the Linux OS, you need to pick up any Linux Distributions and then make it bootable and install on your computer.

Linux OS is maintained by the Linus Torvalds ere as all these Linux Distributions are maintained by the companies or communities.

What typical Linux distributions contain

For choosing correct Linux distribution / refer How to decide which flavers to use ?

Many Linux distributions as derivated from base one another, some of the examples are given below

Most of the Linux Distributions are derived from the Debian or the Ubuntu to get a complete picture of all the Linux Distributions and their derivatives take a look at the following picture