Difference between LINUX and UNIX

We will discuss in detail the difference between Linux and Unix

Many people are confused about the difference between LINUX and UNIX, Basically, they are two different operating systems. They share similar standards and even commands.

Sr. No Linux Unix
1 Open Source Free OS [Source Code Link] Source Code is not available for common public
2 Graphical User Interface and Command line Primary Focus on Command Line
3 Linux system can installed on many hardware architectures Unix needs is not portable as Linux
4 Can be used by any user, on any machine Primary use is servers
5 Different versions of Linux are Ubuntu, Fedora, RedHat etc Unix versions are AIS, HP-UX, BSD, Iris, etc.
6 Linux is maintained by the community Unix is developed and maintained by AT&T
7 Linux is Unix like system but not same as Unix Unix is completely different OS than Linux
8 Linux has more advantages than Unix and more popular Unix has fewer advantages and features than Linux
9 Linux project was started by Linus Torvalds Unix project was started by Ken Thompson and Dennis Richi at Bell Labs

You can see the history of the Unix derivatives and the Linux in the following picture

In the picture, you can see Unix Like systems were not copy of Unix but the commands and many standards were followed and implemented from scratch.

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Evolution of Unix and Unix like systems