Preparing you desktop/laptop for Linux installation

In this post I will explain step by step how to prepare you PC or Laptop for any Linux distributions.

Thanks to @NordWoodThemes for this @unsplash

If you have purchased a new Desktop PC then it might have nothing installed on it. If new PC doenst have any OS installed on it, your PC already ready for the Linux installation.

I assume that your Laptop or PC has installed Windows 8 or 10

Summary of key points

There are two ways in which we can install Linux

If you want to install only Linux then you need to ensure full backup of data as new installation will erase entire disk.

Now if you have decided to make it dual boot then as mentioned earlier that you need to make last partition free.

If your machine has only one big C partition then you need to shrink the partition from the “Disk management tool”. You can see this video for demo

Once the drive is shrinked you will get the additional free disk.

Remember that you need unformatted disk for Linux installation. It must not be of any type like NTFS etc.