Advantages of Open Source Softwares

We will discuss the advantages of the Linux and Open source Softwares

If you are still thinking about why to use Linux and Open Source Softwares here I have put together all the advantages of the Linux and Open Source Softwares

  1. Open Source Softwares are free, no need to purchase
  2. Bugs are reported and patched faster than the other Softwares
  3. Open Source People enjoys writing, reading, and report bugs so all eyes on the code to make a quality code.
  4. No dependence on the software vendors to renew or update even if not necessary or using compulsory features even you don’t like
  5. Open source community controls the features whereas in the closed source software vendor
  6. No need of Antivirus, keep using your computer and don’t worry about the viruses
  7. The reliable operating system, you can keep using your computer without the crash and your files are safe
  8. No data collection by spyware and rootkits, your data is yours

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