Screen : Terminal Multiplexer

Cheetsheet for Screen which is Terminal Multiplexer, Allows you to use multiple screens.

Necessary and sufficient screen commands to get started with no deep required

Install screen

sudo apt install screen

Start screen using screen command


Following are the commands to work with multiple screens



Created a screen using -S and name as hugo and then detached using ctrl+a d

  tayyabali:~$ screen -S hugo
  [detached from 8914.hugo]

Check whether hugo screen is created or not after detaching the screen

tayyabali:~$ screen -ls
There is a screen on:
   8914.hugo	(Saturday 29 December 2018 09:38:41  IST)	(Detached)
 1 Socket in /run/screen/S-tayyabali.

Reattach using the name

tayyabali:~$ screen -x hugo
### Terminal will display the activity going on
### use `ctr + a d` to detach again
[detached from 8914.hugo]